Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Slow Down

I have been taking a few hours each morning since the beginning of December to rest and reflect and allow myself to go against the grain of busyness typical at this time of year. To sit with my coffee as I meditate or think, allowing the day to start its unfolding.
While I enjoy the quiet time of reflection each morning, as we move deeper into December, I am finding the rush of the holidays beginning to intrude into this space. Yesterday morning, before I even sat with my coffee, I was thinking of all I had to do and this morning, I was greeted in much the same way. Thankfully, as I gazed out my window, I noticed the pond and how it was beginning to freeze over with the cold weather we are having.
Grabbing my camera and venturing out into the cold in my pajamas, I headed down to the pond. The water of the pond locked into place, immobile, forced to slow down, reminded me that I need to slow down during this time of year too. The air had a refreshing bite and getting out of the house to snap some pictures of the ice on the pond allowed me to focus on something more important than my to-do list.
Back in the warmth of the house, my mind in a better place, I sit and notice the cardinals and chickadees out my window. The majestic blue heron in the trees along the pond. This moment, this place, right now. What a beautiful day. I am glad the natural world spoke to me, encouraging me to slow down...


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I felt your morning with you. Loved that you, in your pajamas, ran out in the cold to take some photos. Liked the phrase that "the pond was locked in place, immobile, forced to slow down." A great nature analogy for humans to heed. -- barbara