Having lived all over the United States, in fact twelve different states in the last 27 years, I certainly understand what it takes to find connection. I know the loneliness of not being connected and to know what it feels like to knock your head against the wall and wish there was something more, someone to spend time with, sharing conversation or a laugh. While some places I have lived it has been easier to find connection than others, the one common element has been for me to just put myself out there. To take the first step and walk into a meeting or a church, and to get involved. To take an active part, knowing that many rewards come from taking part. Discovering that I get so much more in return. Last summer, as a newcomer,  I volunteered to help make a quilt at my son's homeschool resource center. I didn't know any of the women that were participating in the quilt making but based on that time spent in community with other woman, I came away from the experience with two new dear friends whom making living here in Philly a joy.

You may feel time is short and there isn't enough time to participate in volunteer activities. Believe me, everyone is busy but finding the time to participate will take you on a path to a deeper way of living, being in community with others.

I want this page to reflect ways to get involved in community and finding connection. Ways that have worked for me in the past and are working for me now. Here are some ideas that have worked for me:

-participation in environmental organizations
-volunteering at church
-helping out at my son's homeschool resource center (volunteering at school)
-book clubs
-game nights
-attend a daily meet up with dog owners
-visit coffee houses regularly and get to know the other customers/owners
-take a few minutes to get to know the shop owners you visit- the grocer, the librarian, the postal clerk
-walk about town, your neighborhood
-have a block party

I will add to this list as I think of more. But now I must head out for coffee with my husband 8/17/12

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