Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Stroll...

Just before I headed up to the Co-op to pick up some things for dinner, I got notice that a book I had ordered from the library for my monthly book club had arrived. So I leashed up Dakota and headed out, making a slight detour over to the library before continuing on. Dakota loves these outings as much as I do as we both usually bump into someone we know. Today, we both benefited as we ran into a friend from our morning dog club, Dakota greeting her friend with a quick tussle and I engaging in conversation with mine. 

Walking home, I couldn't help but notice the various bird calls in the many mature trees arching over my route, serving as background music constantly playing. The sound of the creek flowing along in its banks became an accompaniment as I rounded the last turn toward home. But just before heading up our drive to the comforts of home, Twilight, the gray cat down the street, strolled toward Dakota, beckoning her to come closer so she could bare her teeth and take a swat at her. Reminding me that not everything is friendly in small towns.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rooting Plants and People

Finished planting the last of my herb garden this week. Herbs collected from many sources. The Swarthmore Co-op, Media Farmer's Market, Swarthmore Farmer's Market, and Home Depot of all places. A collection of mostly locally grown plants which should acclimate quickly and then a few from far away, arriving in a new land to try and survive and make a life, reaching roots into soil that at times feels very unfamiliar. A rocky road at times, this navigating of new substrate, but with lots of support the journey is made easier.

I've offered support to another type of transplant this year as I participated in the Coming of Age program at my church by mentoring a 15 year old girl in her rite of passage from childhood to youth. This girl, newly arrived last fall from Illinois with her family is slowly transferring her roots from her old residence to here. Where at one time all I heard in her voice was a longing for her home in Illinois, I am now starting to hear her speak of connections being made here. It takes time, this transference of roots, finding new ways to get nourishment in new soils. But like plants, soon enough, we begin to get established, reach new heights and find the sun.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blue Sky Morning...

Sitting on my front deck this morning, coffee in hand, listening to the birds singing, voices of my neighbors visiting.

The bright blue sky greeted me on this day as I stepped outside with my pup to head over to dog club to meet up with other dog owners, letting our dogs romp while we visited. Its about a half mile walk each way so by the time I get home, I've had a bit of exercise as has Dakota.

Some mornings I stop by the co-op to pick up breakfast items and this morning was no exception, grabbing bananas and yogurt while Dakota sat outside hitched to a railing.

I am noticing the many vegetable and flower gardens here in the borough really starting to come on and with our local farmer's market starting up tomorrow, I know summer is just around the corner.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Living in Place...

I've changed the name of my blog to reflect my desire to live in my place- along Crum Creek. To draw a much smaller circle around where I live and attempt to stay within the confines of that place, choosing to spend as much time as possible on foot doing my daily errands versus hopping in the car. Granted, I do have to get in a vehicle for my twice weekly trips over to my son's educational center, attend church, and visit with friends out of reach of public transportation, but there are many, many days where my car never leaves the driveway.

This choice to live in place allows the rhythm of my days to unfold at a very slow pace but I find this gives me an opportunity to make deeper connections with those I come in contact with. Gives me an chance to notice things about my surroundings that I would never notice by car. Allows me to slow my days down and just be.