Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching Rain

I caught rainwater in buckets as a young child and that was a relatively easy task compared to catching rain on film. While heavy rain is visible to the naked eye, it becomes elusive when you step outside to photograph it. The rain started early this morning when I tried to catch it falling from the sky but instead just captured the effects of rain and wind upon the pond.
The impact of rain can be seen as spirals of water in a puddle as each raindrop falls into it.
Raindrops on my windshield as I enter the drive to my son's school, but still I find I am unable to capture sheets of rain falling from the sky.
Finally, success, just before noon as the rain fell so hard it was easy to capture on film.
Can you see it here too? The raindrops upon the road? Off I go back into the house to listen to the the pitter patter of water onto the roof, soaked to the bone despite the use of an umbrella.



Wow, never thought about how hard it would be to capture rain on film. You did an excellent job in the next to the last photo -- and yes I could make out the raindrops on the road in the last photo when I blew it up larger -- all the photos captured the feeling of a rainy day -- Good post -- barbara

Darcy said...

Barbara- The rain has stopped here now and the air is decidedly cooler...the rain seems to have ushered in a cold front. Lets hope snow isn't on the way...I am not ready for that yet! ~Darcy