Monday, December 6, 2010

Dark Moon, New Moon

Despite having very little knowledge of how the cycles of the moon influence our lives, I have been acting over the last several days, just as one would act when the moon is in its dark moon phase. Thinking, reflecting, contemplating, processing.

I didn't make the connection to how my mood and energy appeared to be in line with the phases of the moon during the last few days until I was doing some research on moon phases this morning and discovered the moon just went through its dark phase. As the moon was dark, I was in the dark as I wondered about nature and how it relates to my life.

The moon is in its dark phase for about three days before the crescent of the new moon shows up in the night sky. In Astrology circles, the dark moon period is seen as a time for inward thinking, contemplation. A chance to lean us toward our deepest self and the longings of our soul. Spending time resting and listening to the messages received from the universe is a great way to spend time during the dark moon.

The new moon began yesterday. Astrologists feel the new moon is when you set forth your intentions- what you would like to create, develop, cultivate and commit yourself to. All of this work then culminates during the full moon when you celebrate your accomplishments.

All of this is very interesting to me. I have placed a moon phase gadget on my sidebar so that I can pay better attention to the impact the phases of the moon plays in my life.

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