Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Living in Community with Others...

Went the round-about way to the doggie playgroup this morning. Through Little Crum Creek Park and up along Yale Avenue, then over to the schoolyard to meet up with Ella and Ilsa, Buttercup and Lola, just a few of the many dogs gathered, all friends of Dakota's ready to romp and run, chasing after balls and each other. Gleefully welcoming this feeling-like-spring morning. I feel fortunate to have found this group, both for myself and my pup. Starting each day in community with other dog lovers, discussing the events of our lives and the life of our borough, as we watch our dogs circle around and around us.

It really is nice to start each day with others for it is a precursor to how my day unfolds. More and more I find myself spending time amongst people of similar interests and less time alone with myself. Of course this means I have less quiet time to think or blog but I love the feeling of being in community and as long as we are spending time doing things I enjoy, then it works perfectly. For instance, I love to read books about nature, so participating in the arboretum's book club where we read nature orientated books is a good fit. So is working on Adult Faith Development with my church where I have been running nature focused discussion groups. Being with others in this way offers support to me and who I am. Rather than think I need to find more alone time to focus on my interests, I am beginning to think of more ways to work with people who quickly become friends in areas that are of interest to me.

Of course I still need alone time, just not as much of it. The loneliness of thinking I was the only one that loved walking in the woods studying nature, has given way to forming friendships around this idea. The desire to study nature based spirituality, typically a solo endeavor for me, has given way to discovering others on this same path. Early on in my son's homeschooling journey I discovered the need for meeting people that also participated in self-directed learning for their children, and have always had many friends that homeschool in this way, but now I am beginning to find friends to share the journey with in not only the homeschool world but in almost all aspects of my life. What is happening I think is that I am slowly discovering I don't have to be alone to pursue my many passions, I just have to put myself out there in order to find others like myself. Life spent with others in community can be so incredibly satisfying, encouraging me to find a way to find balance between alone time and people time.