Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nature's Beauty

I love the gray and white mottled bark of the sycamore, the smooth gray bark of the beech and the peeling bark of the shag bark hickory in the forests near my home. The multi-branched trees feathering out as they reach skyward, softening the winter landscape. The forest floor carpeted with leaves of gold, brown and orange, echoing the color palette of this time of year. Steam rising off the pond as the wind whisks it away. Beauty.

I find I want to get closer to the beauty that nature offers. This is a different kind of beauty than what we humans strive for. Nature's beauty is organic, raw, and authentic. Why is it we humans think beauty is found in colored hair, fancy clothes, made-up faces and high heels?



Darcy -- I agree -- our culture whisks women away to la-la land. I can only say that women are not true to their nature when they enter the land of non-authenticity. -- barbara

Darcy said...


If we could find the secrets of nature's beauty and why we are drawn to it, maybe women could begin to be happy with themselves as they are. For we are a part of nature and we are perfect as we are!