Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wind Words...

The wind spoke to me last night as I lay in bed. It roared and tumbled about like one of the Great Lakes, blowing through the trees beside my house, tossing my thoughts around as I considered the wind and what meaning it brings to my life.

I have always looked to the wind for its cleansing properties. I think of the wind as being able to whisk away the bad and usher in the good. To clear the way for change. Something to lean into when times are hard, with hopes that good is just around the corner. My oldest son who lives in Indiana is coming for a visit today. As he flies through the skies from there to here, I will think of the gift the wind is bringing me.

This morning as I spent some time outside with my dog Dakota, I found the cold air the wind brought in overnight refreshing. The trees with their "talking", as their branches squeaked in the wind, appeared to be bidding me good day.

So with these thoughts of nature I begin my day, ready to enjoy all that will come my way! And may you enjoy what the wind blows in for you as well!



Darcy -- I never thought of the wind as a cleansing property. But on giving it some thought it really does do just that. Good post -- barbara

Darcy said...


Maybe that is where the term "toss your cares to the wind" came from. I can think of several difficult times in my life where I did exactly that.