Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Are Trees Calling Out to Me?

I recently noticed that I regularly photograph the bare branches of deciduous trees. They can be found everywhere on my blog and just today I deliberately walked around my yard and began to photograph large stands of trees, both of the conifers above and the deciduous in the picture below. The crazy thing is, I have felt drawn to trees for a number of years for some unexplained reason. Something about them has pulled at me. As luck may have it, while out on another errand today, I happened into a store that specializes in Native American goods. There in the reading section, I found a book called "Nature-Speak, Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature" by Ted Andrews. I was immediately drawn to the section on trees and wanted to know why they have been calling to me. After a few minutes of reading in the store, I realized that this read was one that needed to be digested over several days and would make for a great resource, so I purchased it and have spent several hours with it here at home.
While I have not read enough of the book to know for sure why trees pull at me, I do know that this book is going to help me figure it all out. I look forward to discovering a new way of relating to nature through the use of this book. I will post my findings as they come together.

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Darcy -- Interesting that you have always been drawn to trees. Can they be your totem? Hope you do a follow-up on your book and how trees relate to you -- barbara