Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time marches on...

Pictured above: Me with my niece Cassie and son Jimmy in Times Square.

I just paid my son's final tuition bill to Indiana University and look forward to his graduation in May. Where have the last four years gone and more importantly, where have the last twenty-two years since his birth gone? Only when I look at my son's age do I realize that I myself have aged, otherwise I tend to feel inside that I should be the one in my twenties.

Looking at my son's upcoming milestone makes me more aware of the fact that time is marching on and that I still have much I want to accomplish. I recently started work at a local food pantry and would like to help figure out ways to bring more healthy food to those in need. My business degree with a focus in part on institutional feeding, along with additional course work in the plant science field, makes for a perfect starting point toward figuring out how to get local produce from farm to food pantry.

The long cold days of winter have made for a perfect opportunity in which to read and learn about healthy food. I have learned much and look forward to putting this knowledge to work both in practice here at home and in my community. In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing both the knowledge I've gained, and what I end up learning along the way, as I begin this new journey of mine.

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