Friday, February 26, 2010

My First Nor'easter

A friend of mine remarked a few weeks back how it would be great for me to experience a Nor'easter while living here. I wasn't so sure. Up to that point, we had been enjoying a relatively calm winter, filled with sun drenched days, a vast departure from the gray Chicago winters I was accustomed to.
My friends wish came true last night though when it began to snow, heavily at times, and it hasn't let up since. Wanting to enjoy the beauty of what the storm had brought our way, I walked with my husband to the train this morning and captured the following images along the way.


Wendy said...

What's funny is that from your profile, I knew you lived in New York City, but these pictures don't look like anything I've ever seen described as "New York City." It's funny to me, because it just proves what I know - that one can never really know what a place (or a people) is like until one has experienced it ;).

Thanks for the pics ... and I'm glad you survived your first Nor'Easter. See? They're not so bad ;).

Darcy said...


Your right, I don't live in downtown NYC, but my husband works there. Originally, I wrote on my profile "NYC" in order to remain some anonymity on the internet, but have since changed my profile to reflect that I live in the NYC area.