Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thrift Shop finds...

The breakfast bar in the house we are renting has been without bar stools ever since we moved in six months ago. At one point around Christmas, when our dining table was covered with my son's winter village scene, I found myself standing before a display of low quality expensive bar stools at Target, contemplating a purchase so that we would have somewhere to sit and eat during the holidays. Luckily, I thought long and hard about the decision and ultimately decided against it, hating to bring more unnecessary crap into the world.

Today, as I strolled through a local thrift shop, I was rewarded for my decision. There before me stood two vintage bar stools, strong and sturdy, ready for a new home. I knew immediately they would fit in with my decor which is comprised of a combination of antique shop, flea market, and thrift shop finds. The stools had a special quality about them, their style reminding me of my Grandmother's cottage in northern Michigan.

Within a matter of minutes, the stools were mine and I was on my way home to have my dog Layla give the chairs a sniff and offer up her stamp of approval. I wonder about the people who owned these chairs before me and the stories the stools could tell. I look forward to adding my family's stories to the bank of collected tales these chairs hold within.

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Darcy -- what a great find. They remind me of Shaker chairs.-- barbara