Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm a boring Compacter...

I've decided that I am a pretty boring Compacter. I really don't have much to say about my trials and tribulations regarding compacting because I am finding it pretty easy. Just a month into a year long attempt to not buy anything new and I am not finding it a struggle at all. While my son and husband are not "officially" on the Compact journey with me, my husband is limiting his purchases to work clothing and my son is only buying clothing and whatever he can afford with his own money.

As a child of depression era grandparents, their make-do attitudes must have somehow rubbed off on me and keeps me from buying new things. I tend to use what I have until it is truly useless and even then I typically figure out a way to jury rig it so that it becomes functional again. My snow shovel in the picture above has seen many Chicago winters and even though the blade tends to bend up at times, a good whack on the driveway pushes it back into useful form.
These pans of mine, purchased when my husband and I first married almost 25 years ago have not had handles for many years. They are the primary pans we use for cooking and work just fine with a potholder.

A few sets of our sheets are patched as shown above. It extends the life and keeps one from catching their foot or hand in the sheet and ripping it further.

The antenna on our phone has broken several times, rendering the phone useless. I finally duct-taped a Popsicle stick around the antenna and it has worked good as new for several years now.
Do you also have items around your house which have been pressed back into service? I would love to hear about them!

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