Friday, September 11, 2009

Church not Yoga on Sundays

Mike and I have been attending Lululemon's free yoga classes on Sunday mornings and it looks like I am going to have to give that up this week to attend the UU church instead. I hate to stop doing yoga, especially because I love how it makes me feel more in tune with my body.

Mike and I developed our Sunday morning coffee and yoga ritual soon after moving here. Rising early on Sunday mornings, we would dress in comfortable clothing and walk over to Starbucks to have coffee and read the New York Times. Just about the time the tables at Starbucks would begin to fill, we would head over to Lululemon's. Each week Lululemon's would feature a different local yoga instructor and each week Mike and I would try and keep pace with the class. Finding yoga and its various moves and positions difficult at first, we soon learned many of the poses and began to feel more comfortable.

It looks like the comfort I have begun to find in yoga will soon be replaced by the discomfort of beginning to attend a new church and being a newcomer. My motivation behind attending church is mostly for Ryan, so that he can meet some kids his age. But if I am honest with myself, I also am doing it for me. I have been away from the UU church for five years after many years of being an active member of a UU church in Georgia, and I miss many aspects of what it brought to my life.

Comfort and discomfort seem to be common themes when you move from state to state as much as I do. No sooner do you get comfortable with something and then you are off again to a place or activity that is initially uncomfortable. This sort of ebb and flow of my life brings lots of challenges that result in personal growth. The discomfort I feel in church this Sunday may not improve my body the way yoga will but I know the sermon will make me think. So that I don't have to sacrifice my body for my mind, I guess I will just have to find another time to get in my yoga.

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