Sunday, September 6, 2009

American Museum of Natural History and East Village

Ryan and I met my niece and brother-in-law at the American Museum of Natural History on Friday. What a great place- four floors of fantastic exhibits that you could spend hours and hours visiting! While I thought the permanent exhibits like the Origin of Man and the dinosaur displays were done extremely well, I was a little disappointed with the traveling exhibits such as Extreme Mammals and Chorus of Frogs. The quality seemed to be lacking compared to the Chicago Field Museum's current Pirate exhibit or the King Tut exhibit offered a few years ago.

We ended up skipping most of the 2nd and 3rd floor in order to head up to the 4th floor to see the dinosaurs. Not only was the exhibit fantastic, the docent on that floor offered up lots of his knowledge which made everything come to life for us.

With plans to meet my husband for dinner in the East Village, we all hopped on the subway and headed downtown. I am starting to get to know the subway system fairly well, but still get confused at times. I am amazed at the kindness offered up by all New Yorkers when they sense I am lost.

We ended up walking through Greenwich Village and the area around the NYU campus before coming to East Village. Some pretty cool areas with lots of great restaurants and shops.

Later, after dinner, while heading back to the subway, we passed lots of unusual shops that opened up onto the street. I took the picture above as I was strolling along the sidewalk and we passed many shops that sold their wares by putting their goods right out onto the street like this.
Here is our crew, along with our waiter, enjoying dinner outside on the patio at the Yaffa Cafe on St. Mark's street. I am so glad that Ryan is having an opportunity to experience NYC. It is just so different from Chicago. There is more diversity amongst people, a wider range of experiences to explore. Hope we can get it all done before we have to move again. I suspect that is an impossible wish...


Martyn & Jill said...

Hi, just thought I would say I enjoyed your blog, I came across it while searching for people who were interested in wildlfe.


Jen said...

Your making me crave a little city life.