Friday, September 25, 2009

Slow Schooling...A Day at the Beach

The blue sky and crisp breeze called to me today, coaxing Ryan and I outside and down to the beach. Math would have to wait. Science could be done on Monday. But today, we were going to take advantage of the beautiful fall day and go look for some sea glass.

Walking slowly, heads cast downward, scooping up sea glass along the way, we soon were distracted with the many other things the beach offered up. Hermit crabs scuttling out of our way in the mud flats. Snails and small fish in the tidal pools. Egrets, Cormorants, and Seagulls maneuvering through their habitats. With these discoveries came the questions. How do shells form? How do clams dig? How is sea glass formed?

I know if we had spent the day inside the house, heads inside Ryan's text books, we would not have made as many discoveries. Nor would Ryan have asked as many questions. The touching, seeing, feeling...experiencing is what made it all so memorable and hopefully will lead to future learning. I am thinking it would be fun to get some guide books about shore birds and shells. We even have some rocks we picked up that need identifying.

Taking it all in...slowly. Without an agenda for our day and not being in a hurry, allowed the day to unfold for us. By being present in the day, mindful of what we were experiencing, we were able to appreciate all that came our way.

These words were written on a plaque affixed on the huge rock Ryan was sitting on in the picture above. So very appropriate for this day and for every day...

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