Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why do I blog?

My son asked me the other day why I blog. I thought about it a moment and told him that my blog acts kind of like a mission statement for my life. It allows me to think about and focus on those things that are most important to me. With so many choices and paths to choose from, life can become scattered and too busy if I try to do everything. But the act of putting into words, those things that are most important, prevents distractions and allows me to stay on my path. My path is not always straight. It usually circles around and back, bringing in new information and ideas, allowing for the constant evolution of my life's mission statement. Have you ever thought about why you blog?



GoodByeGoods-- I believe that the searching for oneself can be done through writing and reading as well as through quiet thinking or meditating. Connections give us quality relations be it with nature and/or with humanity. Your blog illustrates all this in so many ways. Your photo in this post is intriguing -- tell me where you took it. -- Barbara

Bernadette Noll said...

Love it. I also find it serves as a great journal of our family's life. Not my intention when I began but 3 years later I can definitely see the beauty of this virtual chronicle.

Darcy said...


Thanks for your comment. The picture was taken at the MET in NYC...some sort of stone panels which reminded me of the maze of life.


I agree. It does serve as a wonderful online journal. I especially like how the use of pictures allows one to bring the subject matter to life.