Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Wednesday Winter Colors

Ryan and I just started participating in the Winter Wednesday program being offered by the blog Handbook of Nature Study which is based on the book "Discover Nature in Winter" by Elizabeth Lawlor. Each week we will read a chapter in the book and do its corresponding activities. This week we were asked to spend time outdoors noticing the many colors the winter landscape offers.
We ventured out into our yard in the 10 degree weather, knee deep in snow, and looked high and low for any signs of color. After nine straight days of accumulating snow and gray filled days, the clouds had cleared and we could see the blue sky. A white Quaking Aspen stands in the foreground.

Black berries stood out against the snow on a Black Chokeberry. This shrub is native to my area and enjoyed by local wildlife.

Red rose hips on a Pasture Rose, along with the brown of its stems.

Even the yellow found on this switch grass was more vibrant against a field of white snow. While we enjoyed our time outdoors, the cold wind forced us quickly back indoors. The next few days are calling for -35 to -45 degree days factoring in wind chill, a good time to work on our nature journals.
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