Sunday, January 11, 2009

So much for outdoor play

I don't have to worry about my son breaking through the ice on the pond or crashing into something with his sled today. Nope, on this beautiful winter day, with a foot of snow on the ground, he is stuck inside, playing video games. That is because yesterday, when Ryan was outside playing with some of his friends, he decided to jump off the second story of his tree fort onto the ground. According to Ryan, it didn't look too far and he thought the snow on the ground would cushion his fall. Shortly after attempting this jump, Ryan came home complaining that both of his heels hurt real bad. As the night wore on, Ryan was in extreme pain when walking and feels pretty much the same way today. We will know the full extent of the damage when we visit the doctor tomorrow. So much for any outdoor play this week.

So much for hiking in the woods on Wednesday with our homeschool group or checking out animal tracks in the snow at Peck Farm Park. Ryan really can't walk at all right now and I figure it will be awhile before his heels heal. As a result of this, Ryan is spending lots of time playing video games and watching TV today, but that doesn't mean he will spend all of his time participating in these mind-numbing activities while he recovers. I am not a big fan of kids playing and watching electronic stuff all day. I think the electronic world takes a child away from other more important pursuits like reading, playing with friends outdoors, or spending time with family.

Ryan and I will figure out a way to get through this. He is starting a nature class at Fullersburg Woods this week and he won't miss that despite this setback and we are also starting Winter Wednesdays through the blog Handbook of Nature Study.
I believe many things can be adapted for a kid that can't get around very well. I certainly don't want to sink to the lowest denominator and fall back on video games or TV.

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Kim said...

Ugh. I did something very similar as a kid his age. I jumped out of our fort in to a nice soft pile of leaves that had a stump underneath it and I still have the scar to prove it. But I didn't hurt myself as much as your son did. I hope he is okay and I admire you greatly for keeping up the nature walks in this clime. I did do a fe Thatcer Woods hikes this winter but the lure of the heated room and glwoing computer screen has been hypnotizing us...terrible. You've inspire me to try again.