Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Simple Changes...

1) Consider napkin ring use to save time and money. Napkin rings aren't just for fancy dinner parties anymore. My family now uses them on a daily basis so that we can tell whose napkin is whose from meal to meal. This practice started when my college son was home for Christmas break and we were generating 12 dirty cloth napkins per day that I quickly grew tired of laundering. We decided that we could easily reuse the napkins from meal to meal if only we had a way to tell which napkin belonged to who. That was easily remedied when we purchased different shaped napkin rings and assigned each person a different ring. The result- far less washing of napkins!

2) A cheaper alternative to bottled water is filling reusable stainless containers with your tap water. Tap water comes from a local source of which the quality can be determined, and doesn't need to be transported all over the country to get to you. Adopting this practice also reduces the amount of plastic produced for single use bottled water.
3) A reusable stainless mug has many cost savings benefits. First of all, if you fill your mug in the morning before leaving the house, you won't have to stop at a coffee shop to purchase their overpriced coffee or tea. Plus, because the coffee or tea in your mug stays warm for a long, long time, you will not need to run out to get a second cup because your coffee went cold. Beverages in mugs stay warm forever it seems whereas those in paper cups go cold very fast. Later in the day, if you do need to stop at a coffee shop for coffee, they will often give you a discount for having your own mug. I have also been known to bring my own tea bag and fill up my mug with hot water provided by the restaurant to make my own tea free. Granted, I do purchase other items while at the restaurant, I am not quite that cheap.

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