Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter's Way...

I love how just a light dusting of snow can paint our world another color. Cover up some of the dark spots in our lives and brighten things. Walking along a snow covered path enlivens me. Offers up hope for a new way of seeing things, allowing me to walk toward the light.

 My pup Dakota bounds along the trail and into the creek as we walk. Even for her who typically lives life in the moment, this moment in the wilds of winter she seems more exuberant, embracing the day and all it holds. Always hopeful, moving forward.

May Dakota's example and the beauty nature offers me,  show me a way to move through my world in this new year.


Carolyn H said...

Wow! Your first photo is gorgeous!

Darcy said...

Thanks Carolyn! We haven't had much snow down this way and it was nice to get the little bit we did over the holidays :).