Friday, January 25, 2013

Standing in Wisdom

I would love to stand in the wisdom of the trees. To feel fully rooted and all knowing. Able to reach up and out toward the light of the sky, embracing all of what comes. Standing toe to toe with the other sentinels of the forest. A heavy coat of bark working to keep out what causes harm. Yet still aware that harm can come from those planted nearby, limited by their experience of growing in the shadows. Wishing for them to find sustenance from the waters of the creek of life as they grow.


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I was a student at Sleighton Farms for approximately 18 months and it changed my life. I was a troubled teen that didn't need incarceration, I needed the structure of a place like Sleighton Farms. While there I wasn't perfect but I was able to go to school, go to work and also maintain a 4.0 GPA. I had no idea what a valedictorian was until I was named the valedictorian for the class of 1978 for Martha P. Falconer. I loved the campus, the greenhouse, being surrounded by nature but the staff I encountered helped nurture this troubled, confused teenager to become a wonderful adult. They gave me the tools I needed to know that I was smart, that I could work, go to school and be a productive part of society. Today I am a Judge's secretary, not because I had a run in with the law but because of the life's lessons I learned in the short time at Sleighon Farms. I wish I could encounter just one staff member that helped me and thank them for SAVING my life. I believe if there were more places like Sleighton Farms we might have a greater opportunity to save our youth.