Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Beach

Ryan and I headed out to the beach today and had the place to ourselves. The wind, the water and the winter was all ours. Something about being alone, away from people, especially in a natural place appeals to me. Allows me to think and process my thoughts more fully. Crowded city streets and crowded desks distract me and make me forget those things that are most important to me. Make me forget how I most want to spend my time with this one life I have to live.

Even today out on the beach, I still felt a bit of distraction. Was not fully present in the moment, somewhat oblivious to the beauty around me. Proof that I need to get away more often. Proof that my life has been too busy lately. Rather than rush about this weekend, preparing for the upcoming holiday, I am going to take my dog out to the beach and let her romp and play and let her pure unadulterated joy become mine.

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