Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow Living during the holidays?

With a desk top full of things that need my attention, sadly this is the only picture of my house presentable enough to put on my blog right now. Much of the rest of my place has been let go while I pursue the things that must be done to prepare for the holidays. The moving of furniture to make room for guests, the hurried meal preparation mess left in the kitchen, the half put up decorations sitting around, laundry stacked on the bed, the tree bare and undecorated. Am I the only one whose house is in such complete disarray? Does the slow way of living, savoring every moment, result in less being done around the house and consequently a messier house? How can it be possible to do it all slow, especially now?

With less to do at other times of the year, slow living is easier to accomplish. But for the busy month of December, I need to rethink how I have been doing things. I need to stop trying to do it all for the holidays and pick and choose just a few quality activities that bring meaning. It is impossible to make gifts, write cards, stitch up reusable cloth gift bags while preparing a local slow meal, all while cleaning my house and attending homeschool holiday parties. Unfortunately, trying to do it all, even if it fits the bill of being a quality family activity, makes the holidays rush by without really enjoying family togetherness.

All that being said, I think I will cross a few things off my list, especially those things that bring little reward. I will decorate and clean less, choose easier recipies when cooking, and not worry if the holiday cards don't make it to their destinations by Christmas. Instead, I will play games with the kids, and take them to a few museums, but not worry about what the house looks like through it all. I will visit with family and take the dog to the beach, but not care if the wash isn't done. I am going to try to live slowly and simply, and do less overall. Wish me luck as I pursue slowness starting...tomorrow! This afternoon I have to take Ryan to rock climing...then come back home and make dinner, work on cards this evening, finish the laundry and....wait, did I not learn anything from this post???


Wendy said...

Living like Laura Ingalls is easy, if one doesn't have all of the strings of modern life attached, too. The problem is that most of us still do, and as we try to transition to that more simple life, it's messy. All transitions are messy.

And if it makes you feel any better, a picture of my desk isn't even fit for publishing. There's, really, no place in my house that's picture-worthy right now ;).

Bernadette Noll said...

I love the idea of looking at Christmas as a season as opposed to one day. By celebrating the season there are fewer deadlines to meet and more time to get done the things we want to get done. A friend of mine has switched her card sending to valentine's day to cross one thing off the list over the holidays. I think finding what works for you is the way to go. And if you need help we have a great short ebook on Creating YOUR slow holiday on our slow family website.

Good luck to you! and happy holidays!