Saturday, December 26, 2009

Simple memories...Christmas tree ornaments

Every year, as I drag my ornaments up from the basement and open the box they have rested in untouched for almost a year, I am reunited with the memories they have held for me. The heart shaped ceramic ornament given to me by my mother-in-law the Christmas before my husband and I married.

The gingerbread man wooden cut out from '87 with my then 1 year old son's name written in marker, purchased by my grandparents who are no longer with us at a Senior Center craft bazaar.

The "Baby's First" Beatrice Potter ceramic ornament given to me by my mother the year my first son was born. A dough ornament made by me of my son's small hand print.

The ornaments made by my children when they were in preschool and kindergarten.

A glass ornament given to me recently by my 93 year old great aunt. This ornament hung on her tree for many, many years and I hope to continue the tradition by keeping it safely on my tree until I hand it down myself.

The green and white glass MSU (Michigan State University) bulb that hung on my brother's tree until he recently passed. A lifelong lover of Michigan State athletics, this bulb given to me last Christmas by my mother, reminds me of all the joy my brother felt while attending MSU sporting events.
Along with these ornaments are those of places my family and I have both visited and lived, people we have known and other important events worth remembering. The whole collection, dangling from the branches of our Christmas tree and gazed at during the evening with the lights all aglow, emanates the warmth of love.

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