Monday, August 20, 2012

Faith and Ecology

Been thinking about what class I am going to offer at my UU church this fall in the area of environmental justice. Spent some time on the UU Ministry for Earth website and came across a few interesting directions. First of all, I discovered that a woman named Barbara Ford is offering workshops called Gaia Workshops which are very similar to those that  Joanna Macy runs. Barbara's website can be found at:

Also discovered a new curriculum on environmental justice called "Our Place in the Web" which looks incredibly interesting and one I'd like to check into. Further information can be found at:

Lastly, the UU Ministry for Earth site has a great reference book called "Earth and Spirit, Bringing Ecology into Adult Religious Education" which can be ordered from the site below. This guide offers a sample curriculum for adult RE which looks interesting.

The UU Ministry for Earth site can be found here:

Will spend some time tomorrow working on the direction I'd like to go with this for the fall semester. Looking forward to where this will take me.

With a bit more research, I found another fascinating website I will need to check out. Not enough time in the day to pursue what interests me.

David Korten's website:

Discussion Guide info for David Korten's book, "The Great Turning"

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