Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paint - Before and After

Been working in 90 degree temperatures this last week to paint the entire inside of the house I bought a week ago. My kids run when they see me coming because they know I will have a project in mind for them. They have been a tremendous help though and here are some shots of the transformation we have made. Above picture, living room before we bought the home.

Living room with our new paint job and some of our belongings beginning to be moved in. Built in benches situated in front of fireplace is known as an inglenook.

Library before we owned the home.

Library after we painted walls and shelves with boxes full of books set to be placed onto shelves.

Library again showing our dining table where it will stay- against the wall for family meals and pushed to the center of the room for entertaining.

Dining room before.

Dining room with new paint. We will use this room as a family room, nicely situated as it is off the kitchen.

Upstairs den and game room before.

Den with our changes in paint and furniture. One entire wall of this room is filled with shelves which we will use to store games and such.

My husband and I's bedroom before we bought the house.

Our bedroom after.

My older son's room before.

Older son's room after new color applied to walls. Curtains need to be hemmed obviously.
Younger son's room before.

Younger son's room after, picture above and picture below. Will show kitchen and baths when they are completed. Excited about moving into this house 2 weeks from now. Still have lots to do beforehand but glad to have a good part of the painting behind us.

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Darcy -- a beautiful house for your family. I love old houses and the character they exude -- nice choice of colors. -- barbara