Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodbye Nature?

Living as I have for 9 months now, out in the country, surrounded by nature, with the songs of birds and wind in the trees louder than the sounds of man, I am made to wonder, will my connection to nature dim somewhat when I move back into town? I have found my connection to the natural world strengthened while living here and with nothing else to distract me when I stepped out my door, it has been pretty easy to notice and participate in the natural world.

I needed this time to discover the important role that nature plays in my life. To reawaken myself to it. To find focus and direction in my life. I feel a bond has been made that no amount of city living will revoke. In fact, it may simply be time for me to rejoin the more man-made world, in order to help find ways to allow people to become more aware of their broken connection to themselves, to nature. There are a few possibilities on how I can achieve this...I just have to see how things unfold.

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Nature is everywhere -- you will find it -- barbara