Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain and Wind Today...

I want to go outside and cry with the earth. Let my tears slide down my cheeks while nature's tears wash them away. Empty myself of all the sadness that wells up in me at times, reminding me of the hard places I have walked. Fill up the creek that runs through my yard, flowing away, letting go.

I want to go outside and feel the wind in my hair. Shout my painful stories into the air and know they have been heard as the trees dance and sway in reply. Repeat my tales over and over again as they are whisked up and away, no human hearing, yet nature knowing.

Rain and wind, cleansing me, clearing me. Healing me.



Darcy, Truly expressed thoughts that appear from the bottom of our soul on occasion -- barbara

Grampy said...

I keep thinking this week how we should cherish imbalance and discord. We always read about seeking balance and harmony. Yet, imbalance and discord are the seeds of creation. Observing nature it seems to accept imbalance and discord and struggles to find balance and harmony as much as we do. Time allows the circle of life to include it all. I accept it and move on with faith it will all work out.