Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving my Nest again...

The bird song was absolutely beautiful this morning as I stepped outside. Singing the praises of this sun-filled spring day. Found an empty nest on the ground under a pine tree which must have been blown out of the branches with all the wind we had yesterday. Wondered about the nest and how the bird that had occupied it felt about being displaced. Having to start anew, despite lots of obvious hard work in getting a home established. I could certainly identify with the bird given all of the moves I have had lately. The starting and stopping, building and rebuilding.
And just like this bird, I will soon move my nest again, down the road a bit from here. This time though, my nest will be durable and able to withstand the test of time. I already have a good foundation going, built from strong connections coming together as I find community in my church and my son's homeschool resource center. Over the course of the summer I will add upon that foundation as I work on my physical nest, making it my own and then shifting all of my belongings into it.

I suppose all of life is nest building really. Adding to one's life stick by stick, grass length by grass length, a collection of experiences to form one's own life nest.

*I don't know what type of bird made the nest I found, shown in the pictures above. I did find a good resource on how to identify bird's nests below. Need to find a good nest ID book though. Not great info from what I could tell on the internet.

Good info on how to research birds nests by Backyard Nature.

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The guide I use is -- Eastern Birds' Nests -- which is a Peterson Field Guide. I feel that it is an excellent resource guide.

Your metaphoric post on moving and also, I felt life, was wonderful. I look forward to your posts as I always find some gem within your words that I can use in my daily life.

Your photo was great!

-- barbara