Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nature's Plan

The woodland path beckons to me,
calling me forward
to partake in the yet unexplored.
There will be rocks to scale
and deep ravines to traverse.
Hilltops with beautiful views,
and muck filled bogs to slow me.
Sun in my eyes, rain upon my feet.

As I travel along,
I want to rearrange the wilds.
Make the trees stand straighter,
and not have my way cluttered
with last years fallen leaves.
Don't bite me bugs,
or make me itch poison ivy.
Hawk, serve as my compass.

After awhile I develop a truce with the woods,
and find my place in its midst.
I hear the chickadee's calls.
See the red fox walk quietly by.
Feel the wind rustle the leaves of the beech,
taste the rain as it falls.
Slowly, I learn to bend to where the path is taking me,
embracing the journey and its gifts.


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Darcy -- what a true metaphoric trail we blaze through as we walk through life. Enjoyed it very much. thanks -- barbara