Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's almost Spring and the Trash is Blooming...

The last of the snowbanks have melted alongside the road in front of my house, paving the way for yellow daffodils to push their way upward and bloom. Unfortunately, the melting snow has also revealed all of the unsightly trash that has been tossed out car windows along the rural road I live on all winter long.

This morning I picked up two full black trash bags of trash on both sides of the road in front of my house and extending down the hill to my neighbor's. What I found didn't surprise me...pop cans and bottles, take out food containers, beer cans and empty jugs of whiskey and gin. The cardboard that at one time housed various products, cigarette cartoons, and plastic cups.

I did find one surprise- a pair of underwear and down the road a bit, a torn open prophylactic package- more than likely tossed from the same car. I figured the car was probably traveling south, given the location of the underwear, which would have come off before the prophylactic went on.

After I weeded the roadsides of man's contribution, I could once again enjoy the beauty of the drive through the woodlands near my home. No longer distracted by the refuse of those who think nature is something to be trashed.



Darcy -- Ky has a problem with roadside trash. In Michigan there is a ten cent return on bottles which at least keeps the bottles off the sides of the road. Funny story about the panties and pro ---. nice that you cleaned up the mess. Enjoyed -- barbara

Grampy said...

Beer cans every where I look along roads, in the middle of the woods. You name the spot they will be there. I am beginning to think they grow naturally. If you pick them up and come back later, there they are again.

Darcy said...


Now that you mention it, the states I have lived in that have deposits on their bottles tend to have less roadside trash than those that don't. Wish PA would institute a bottle return law to help curb cans and bottles along our roads.


Luckily around here, most of the trash tends to be located along roadsides vs. the interior portion of woods. Had my pup out today, hiking in a park near my home and didn't see a bit of trash. Refreshing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!