Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shadow World

What part of yourself lurks in the shadows?
Residing away from the light, cloaked in blackness.
Maybe you don't even know,
What's hidden in your depths.

Sunset to sunrise, or under the frozen lake of winter.
Only the light of day or warmth of spring,
allowing us to see what was once hidden,
will reveal the mystery of the dark.

Like the life that swarms under a log
on a warm summer day,
there is a world under your surface too.
Discovered through your dreams, and silence.

Go outside alone, sit quietly and notice.
What gets hidden in the cast of a shadow.
Your shadow, behind the trees or the rocks.
The last places snow melts on a warm winter day.

Our inner world, what lies within us, may be the key,
to melting away what's missing from our lives.
Shine some light there and discover
your life source, your soul.


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Fantastic, moving and introspective. Photo works very well with the rhythm of your words -- barbara