Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remember Tree Forts?

My son Ryan and I spent a few hours snowshoeing at the local arboretum today and enjoyed checking out both the natural and man made tree forts.

Ryan was our leader and guide as we broke trail through the new snow that had fallen overnight. He had a penchant for going off trail and checking out the hiding places formed by the low hanging branches of evergreens arching down and touching the ground, making a perfectly sheltered place up close next to the trunk of the tree. A fort of sorts, made naturally by the tree as shown in the picture above.

Dipping in and out of these evergreen forts, we soon came across a different type of natural tree fort, also known as the perfect climbing tree. As we stood under the tree, looking up into its branches placed at just the right intervals for scaling, we envisioned ourselves traveling skyward. If it were not for the snow covered branches, making passage somewhat dangerous, I think we both would have had our snowshoes off in a second and climbing upward - Ryan for the sense of accomplishment I suppose and me to throw off my adultness and act like a kid again. We both vowed to come back when the weather was nicer to fully embrace the opportunity.
Seems the folks that run our arboretum understand the attraction kids have for tree forts because they have created some man made ones through out the park as well. While the forts are closed at this time of year, I am sure they are quite popular when the weather is nicer. I photographed just two of the many forts scattered throughout the park.
My legs are tired and cheeks rosy from my time spent outdoors. It will be nice to heat up some soup and let the evening unfold, a satisfying end to a nice day spent with my son.


Carolyn H said...

The tree forts look like lots of fun to play in!

I love your photos.

Carolyn H.

Darcy said...

Carolyn, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think it is great the arboretum near my house is encouraging kids to come out and enjoy the natural world by building some cool tree forts. Can't wait to check them out when they open in the spring. Never too old to play...