Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Pond Walk

I love how the snow sticks to the branches of trees after a snowstorm, outlining everything in white, giving color and contrast to the browns of winter.
Early yesterday morning, before the wind had a chance to come up and dust off the snow accumulated from our Tuesday night snowstorm, I walked down to the pond and then around it to take some pictures.
The sun had just come up and obviously from the sight of fresh tracks, I wasn't the only one out enjoying the morning.
Something about bright blue sky in the background of newly snow-coated trees...absolutely beautiful! Everything looks so fresh and clean...
Soon after arriving back in the house, the sky began to cloud up and the wind picked up too, blowing the snow off the trees, erasing much of the beauty caught by my camera.

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Darcy -- The conditions were perfect for you to take these awesome photos of a fresh snowstorm once removed. Enjoyed -- barbara