Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Homeschooling Week

Here is how Ryan and I will spend this week as homeschoolers. I guess I feel a need to write it down to prove to myself that I am covering all of the bases given how busy I am with moving preparations.

Monday- Ryan attended science and math class in the morning, then we spent a couple of hours midday at a friend's house attending a Mexican cooking class and learning how to make Mole Verde. Late afternoon he went to his guitar lesson and worked on learning how to play some U2 tunes.

Tuesday- Math and science in the morning, then took a two hour nature class over at Fullersburg Woods, arriving home late afternoon.

Wednesday- Math and science in the morning again, then met up with our homeschool group over at Country Lakes Park. Talked with all of the moms about the different forms of curriculum we use for our kids. Library visit to pick up a book for Ryan's cartooning class he has on Saturdays.

Thursday- Math and science, then Ryan will work on his cartooning in preparation for his class. He will spend most of the rest of the day reading, writing, and practicing his guitar.

Friday- Math and science, then a trip over to Morton Arboretum for Arbor Day. We will work on some tree identifying and then free time in the kids area.

Saturday- Cartooning class at a local art studio. Oops...we will miss this week because we are going down to Indiana University to watch my older son ride in the Little 500 bike race. Will be back on Sunday afternoon.

Physical activity appears to be lacking in Ryan's activities this week, but he will cover that in the many hours he spends outdoors running around the neighborhood with his friends. He also gets lots of reading in when we travel from place to place in the car. I can see he is lacking most in some kind of history or social studies, for this week at least. Typically that is an easy one to get in given all of the field trips we take.

Granted, homeschooling looks a lot different than public school. It may appear that Ryan isn't getting enough seat time to do worksheets or receive instruction from me, but we can do that as needed. If I see that Ryan is struggling in spelling, I can add that to our schedule. Because Ryan is taking math and science at the public middle school this year and doing very well academically, I figure he is up to grade level in many areas and I don't have to push as hard. We can be more free to explore things that interest Ryan. This is a different kind of learning than what one gets in school-- not better-- just different and one that works for Ryan's learning style.

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