Monday, May 21, 2012

Rooting Plants and People

Finished planting the last of my herb garden this week. Herbs collected from many sources. The Swarthmore Co-op, Media Farmer's Market, Swarthmore Farmer's Market, and Home Depot of all places. A collection of mostly locally grown plants which should acclimate quickly and then a few from far away, arriving in a new land to try and survive and make a life, reaching roots into soil that at times feels very unfamiliar. A rocky road at times, this navigating of new substrate, but with lots of support the journey is made easier.

I've offered support to another type of transplant this year as I participated in the Coming of Age program at my church by mentoring a 15 year old girl in her rite of passage from childhood to youth. This girl, newly arrived last fall from Illinois with her family is slowly transferring her roots from her old residence to here. Where at one time all I heard in her voice was a longing for her home in Illinois, I am now starting to hear her speak of connections being made here. It takes time, this transference of roots, finding new ways to get nourishment in new soils. But like plants, soon enough, we begin to get established, reach new heights and find the sun.

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