Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taking Steps...

Been looking for some ways to take better care of myself. To find that elusive "me time" that can be so difficult to find as a wife and mother. Since sometime last month, I have shirked my household responsibilities for the most part and focused instead on participating in activities that bring meaning into my life. Spending time working on my passions rather than spending time spinning my wheels.

This process of change first began to take place by setting aside two days a week while my son was at his homeschool co-op in order for me to spend time on the pursuit of my interests, nothing else. No errand running, no returning phone calls, no shopping. To leave the house in the morning, my bag filled with books and computer, writing paper and camera with a solid 7 hours ahead of me to do research or reading, contemplation or just spending time in the woods.

I am amazed at the results, finding this time of following my passions to be expanding into many other areas of my life as I've gone along. No longer do I find myself pursuing my interests only two days a week, but find this special time has found its way into many other days of the week, essentially changing the way I approach all of my days. Reinvigorating me, giving me a sense of purpose. Time for myself is no longer something "out there" that I never seem to have time for but something that feels available whenever I need it.

The funny thing is, none of the rest of my life seems to be suffering because of my new focus. In fact, everything feels more organized than it has in ages with the laundry done, dinner on the table most nights, and the house relatively clean. What I am discovering then is that when people are fulfilled in life, they have more energy for all aspects of life and can find room for all they need to accomplish.

Taking steps. Letting go of the "must do's" for the "want to do's" and finding it all come together.

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kristieinbc said...

I think your approach is a wise one. I did not do this all the years I home schooled, and am just now starting to "feed myself."