Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Replacing Lawns with Gardens...

With the weather starting to cool and make a move toward fall, I find my thoughts turning to gardening. It has been a long 2 years since I have owned a home and now that I am in a place of my own once again, I can do what I'd like with the yard. The many beautiful gardens in the borough I live in inspire me as my dog Dakota and I make our morning rounds.

Flowering gardens are given preference over boring green lawns in my town and it is so refreshing to see how beautiful a yard can become when one decides to not have any lawn at all. Nature abounds in these spaces and calls me to create something born out of wild abandon in my own yard.

I have always been drawn to wild over restrained and I am glad to see most in this area feel the same. Nary is a lawn mower heard on a Saturday around here. The sounds of insects buzzing through the garden and birds in the trees sounding out loud and clear and not drowned by man's machines. Why can't more people embrace nature and allow it into their spaces? It certainly would make for a more beautiful world.


Grampy said...

Sounds like your new neighborhood has the right idea. Last year I mowed the lawn for a young couple just getting started that moved to a small local town. They did not own or could afford a mower then. The second day in the rental house they found a note on the door stating they would be fined if the lawn was not mowed in the next 7 days. Nice welcome wagon aye. The overgrown lawn had a lot of native wildflowers blooming and it was not far from charming before I mowed it that is.


Darcy -- The wildflower look sure does "warm up" your streets. I've noticed that the wild abandon look of flowers in neighborhoods does seem to be catching on. I sure do like the look. -- barbara