Monday, June 27, 2011

The Packing Has Begun!

Going to be a bit crazy between now and the end of July while we shift out of a house we have been renting for the last 9 months and into a home we are buying about 10 miles from here.

The place we are buying is in a heavily treed college town and our home which is about 100 years old, is located just two blocks from the town center which has a college, woods and creek for mountain biking, hiking off leash with our dog and outdoor rock climbing. Also a food co-op, train line into Philadelphia, library, independent coffee shop, farmer's market, and other basic town stuff.

I am so excited to be moving into this house and will be happy to be able to walk most of the places I need to go. Having public transportation available will be fantastic too. Living out in the country for the last several months has been wonderful and I will miss all of the birds and animals but I think my new town will offer up wildlife opportunities as well given how wooded it is.

Our new house needs lots of work and we are working hard to determine how to fix things up using the most environmentally sound practices. The good thing is we will be reducing our carbon footprint before we even make a single change because the house is considerably smaller than the one we are in.

This reduction in house size is going to require I get rid of some of my antique furniture so I will run those items over to a local antique shop and see if I can sell them. That is what I love about furnishing my house with old stuff, you buy used and can turn around and sell things when you no longer need them and nothing goes to the landfill.

A few more days of relative calm before the storm of moving begins...

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Darcy -- Moving is a difficult time but it sounds like you have a lot to look forward too. -- barbara