Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dawn breaking

I took these shots every 15 minutes this morning, starting at 6:20am, when the sky was getting lighter, but the sun was still way below the horizon. I took the last shot at 7:50am, just after the sun had cracked the tree line. What surprised me most was how long it seemed to take for the sun to rise on this morning. Most mornings, as I rush about getting ready for the day, the sun seems to rise quickly and be shining brightly, mid sky before I even notice it. Taking the time to stop, breathe and notice the natural occurrence of things made me appreciate the start of this new day.



What a wonderful way to realize the dawn breaking. This would surely make a good practice for oneself -- stopping and contemplating the beauty of the rising sun and the goodness of mother earth.-- barbara

Darcy said...

Barbara- I agree. I was thinking it would be good to combine a bit of meditation while watching the sun come up each day as well. It would also be neat to take a picture of the skyline at the same time each day and notice the changing light as the days get shorter and then longer again. A good way to notice the passage of time.