Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New puppy means the end of the Compact for me.

I vowed not to purchase anything new at the beginning of this year and have been pretty much keeping to the rules of the Compact by shopping at thrift stores for my clothing and picking up used books at a local book swap. All total, the only new things I purchased for myself between January and July were a pair of shoes and three t-shirts. I found it very easy to be on the Compact until I brought a small puppy named Dakota into my life .

Since bringing Dakota home, I have purchased a dog crate, a leash and collar, puppy toys, fluffy fleece bed and other small assorted dog related things. I can't seem to walk into a dog store without making a purchase. I figure these start up purchases will dwindle as I obtain all that I need for this newest member of my family, but I now realize how silly it is for me to continue on with the Compact. Not that I can't do that Compact, just that when I figure I really need something, I will buy it regardless of the Compact. With the fear of puppy diseases, I didn't want a used dog crate and who can bring home a new puppy without getting it a new collar?

Being on the Compact has brought about an awareness of consumption for me and that is what it ultimately is supposed to do. To make people think about how and why they spend. To figure out new ways of obtaining things they feel they need, either through borrowing or recycling. Being on the Compact made me understand that I do a pretty good job of not spending but encouraged me to look at other more environmentally sound ways of getting the things I feel I need. Watching what I buy will not change because I leave the Compact. The joy of finding a cool outfit at the thrift store or browsing the library shelves won't change just because I leave the Compact. I will now be free to spend, but for me the joy isn't in the act of buying, it is in the act of living. I'd rather spend my time walking Dakota than shop. That is the idea of the Compact really. To get people focused on finding joy in places outside of the shopping mall.

The pictures above are of Dakota enjoying her first rainstorm from the comfort of our front porch. She did venture off of the porch for a bit and wondered about the big raindrops hitting her on the head. It is so fun to watch her explore her world as she finds wonder in the things that I have long ago taken for granted.

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Dakota is a cutie! -- barbara