Monday, April 5, 2010

Breaking the Law...Outdoor Clothes Drying

How do you like the fancy clothesline I rigged up between my car and some hooks in my garage? Very clever if I must say so myself. Doubt the town selectmen would agree with me though, especially given how clotheslines are unlawful here in my town. Maybe this is what folks mean when they say clotheslines look trashy.

My clothesline in Illinois traveled between my son's playfort and a tree. Now I use a car and the garage. Wonder what other contraptions folks have implemented for the purpose of drying clothing?

Wonder when the cops are going to show up?



Darcy -- love your post! Such silly laws this country has made for such simple things as hangng out your clothes. Keep it up girl -- barbara

Wendy said...

I never even considered that my clothesline might be against the law when I put it up :). I guess the fact that my neighbors have one (they don't use very often) kind of made me believe it would be okay ;).

Then, I read a few years ago that Maine actually has a law prohibiting municipalities from writing ordinances that ban clotheslines.

... and everyone thinks Maine is so backwards ;).

Love the clothesline!

Darcy said...

Wendy & Barbara,

I have been banned from hanging my clothes out and it didn't even take the police showing up to make it happen. The pollen outside is collecting on my wash as it dries outdoors, causing a real problem for my son's allergies. Looks like I will have to suspend outdoor drying for a bit...