Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost Spring in Central Park

With my son's school still closed due to storm damage and power outages, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring day and head out to Central Park.

With temps in the upper 50's and the day glorious, we decided Spring had officially started, even though it was actually still a few days off.

While the boys played a game which involved batting a Koosh ball between two Frisbees,

getting a huge dose of fresh air after a weekend spent cooped up due to the storm,

I sat on the rocks in the sun, soaking up some well deserved sunshine, snapping lots of pictures.

We were not the only ones taking advantage of this fantastic day!

I am always amazed how quiet it is in the park, despite being located in the heart of such a big city. These trees and many, many others help to buffer the noise of the city from the quiet of the park.

With schools closed again tomorrow and the forecast calling for even warmer temperatures than today, I look forward to spending the day outside again.

Just a few more weeks until the ice rink in the above picture is removed for the season. Goodbye Winter!

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Darcy -- what a glorious day you and your sons had -- well deserved after the horrible storm that moved into your area over the weekend. Have fun enjoying those warm tamps tomorrow -- outside in the sunshine -- barbara