Sunday, March 1, 2009

Antiques..recycling at its best

I was probably the 5th , or maybe even the 10th owner of the small white cupboard that I sold to an antique dealer this week. This piece of history, at least 70 years old, was obtained by me six years ago at a show in Kentucky and will be recycled when it is sold by its current owner at a shop in Sandwich, Illinois.

I have been purchasing recycled antique furniture since I first married back in 1985 and have enjoyed the benefits of buying and selling things for my home, knowing that what I get rid of will not be going into a landfill when I no longer need them, but to someone else who appreciates old things.

As my husband and I prepare for our move to New York, we are in the process of downsizing. With one son at college and the other moving into his teens, we realize that we are moving into a new phase in our lives. We no longer need so much space or so much stuff so we are getting rid of things. This week, as I let go of my church pew from an old Baptist church in Georgia and a blue hanging cupboard that was originally a storage piece, it felt good to know that my stuff was not going to be sitting at the curb waiting for the trash man to pick up, but to another home by way of a antique dealer.

Next time you are in the market for new furniture, consider picking up an antique instead. You will not only be buying something functional for yourself, but also something with a piece of history. Many nights as I sit at my dining room table, I think of all the family meals shared there during the hundreds of years it has been around. I wonder about the stories of the families that came before mine and those that will come after mine and think about all that this one table will see in its lifetime.


Melinda said...

Nice entry, Darcy. I wish I were there to buy your church pew! I have been an antique addict my entire life and have furnished our house in St. Charles with 99% antiques. I'm doing the same here in Tucson, as well. The first thing I bought in Tucson was an antique, oak, pedestal table. Priceless! I also hit the resale and thrift shops for chairs, etc - and donate things we no longer can use there. I wish more people thought like we do!

Shannon and Alex said...

I love antiques like you're talking about. I had a pie hutch that I bought and the dealer immediately wanted to buy it back from me. I sold it before moving and have missed it ever since. It had such character! You have a great blog - I kind of hate you're moving to NY. I sent your link to my aunt and uncle in Tucson who summer in St. Charles (the ketelsens). I know they're sorry too. Will follow your exploits in the city though!

Darcy said...

Shannon & Melinda,

I hate to leave the midwest but I look forward to the adventures coming my way in New York City. It will certainly be a great place to homeschool a 12 year old.

Melinda- What sort of antiques do you collect? I like primitives, old painted cupboards and benches etc...

Shannon- Don't you live in Kentucky? There are tons of great places to find things down there. I used to live in Lexington and still have many things I purchased there.


Norbridge Antiques said...

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Darcy said...

Norbridge Antiques,

I will add a widget for followers this morning and look forward to having you follow my blog. Thanks for your comment and I will be sure to check out your blog as well.


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