Friday, February 6, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

A break in the cold weather allowed Ryan, Layla and I to get out of the house today without wearing our winter coats. After months of bundling up, it felt good to leave the house with only sweatshirts on as we headed over to Peck Farm Park. During our walk, we identified some trees and looked for animal tracks.
In a more remote area of the park, we came across rabbit fur- all that was left over from a predator's meal. At this time last year, in about the same place, we discovered fresh blood and rabbit fur and wondered if it was a coyote or maybe a hawk that had killed the rabbit. As the snow was disturbed, it was difficult to tell. With snow on the ground, Ryan and I have an easier time finding signs of animal activity than we do when the ground is bare. We find it interesting to try and figure out what an animal was up to as we look at its burrow or tracks in the snow.
Back in the parking lot, Ryan and Layla couldn't help but climb the snow pile created by a snowplow...a fitting end to a nice walk on the prairie.


Melinda said...

Hi Darcy!
I need to clarify a typo in my previous comment. Niece Shannon is homeschooling HER children, not ours! We don't have any! We have been to the FVAS meetings and star parties before, but we are currently in Tucson (our winter digs). I hope you have clear skies though!

Darcy said...


I figured you meant her children not yours. Good luck with your home inprovement projects...hope you get to the beer stage soon.